Tetramethyl Silicate
Tetra Ethyl Silicate
Tetra n-Propyl Silicate
Tetra butyl Silicate
Tetra Butyl Glycol Silicate
Coating Stain Resistant Additive

Nantong Sogeler Chemical Co.,Ltd

Nangtong Chengua Chemical Factory,which is larger one in manufac-turing alkoxy silicate in our country ,is a collective enterprise.It can produce 10000t per year.
In past years, it has a good business, for example, Shanghai Kai lin Paint Factory, The Beijing Institute of steel Materials .Our productsoccupy a large market share in China.The Ethyl Silicate are exported to U.K.,Denmark,Korea,Russia, such as K.C.C and Hemple paints Co., Ltd.
Nantong City is an important port both on the river and on the sea .the water and land transport is very convenient. For example, The Nantong Lansai Harbour,a modern harbor, is 93km from Wusongkou(Shanghai),and the Nanjing-Nantong First Class highway and No.204 national highway link Nantong with east china.
The factory is equipped with up-to-date installation, perfect inspecting and analyzing instruments, moreover so many the professional technical staffs it has, and high quality the products are of.
To well face new opportunity and challenge,"NANTONG CHENGUA" will proceed to engage in innovation and progressing to be much higher level.

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